Region Racecraft eSports Finishes P7 at Monza in VRS GT Endurance Series (iRacing)

The team qualified 21st on the grid and drove up to a P7 finish after the 3Hr VRS GT Endurance series race at the temple of speed, Monza.

Special Monza-edition red livery on the Region Racecraft car for week 11.

__Update: 2022 VRS GT Endurance Series | S1 | Week 11/12

This past weekend saw the VRS GT Endurance series on track at Monza for the penultimate race of the 12-week Season 1 calendar.

Team Region Racecraft eSports qualified 21st on the grid out of 52 teams entered. After a productive and dramatic first stint, the team continued clawing their way through the field with each successive driver swap.

The team ran a 3-stop strategy, due to scheduling constraints, and still managed to pull off a solid top-10 finish - and only about .5 behind the 6th place car (but unable to pass due to lap traffic). We finished the race with a clean car, no major incidents.


Qualify: 21st Race: 7th

Laps: 96


Marko Lekic

Tony Curtis Patterson, Jr.

Mark Cady

Team applications will be opening soon.

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