Highlights From The 2022 iRacing Daytona 500

And that's a wrap on Daytona 500 weekend! Here are the biggest winners, biggest losers, and biggest wrecks from The 2022 Great American Race.

Team Region Racecraft eSports had an interesting weekend.

We had originally planned on fielding 3 cars in the race, but after a grueling weekend for the eSports team at Watkins Glen International, founder Marko Lekic was the only one who made it to the grid... except not exactly.

After missing the rolling start, Marko started the race from pit lane - making up a staggering 35 (!) positions by the halfway mark in an *insane* last-to-1st run.

We had control of the race, and then we didn't - we got spun by a joker trying to pass 3-wide into the tri-oval, causing the big one.

'Til next time, Daytona. We've got a score to settle.

Until then, enjoy this minty fresh livery, as we round up what all went down this weekend at Daytona.


The NASCAR Next-Gen Cup car made a welcomed debut

One of the biggest unknowns going into the weekend was how the new Next-Gen cars would perform on a real superspeedway. Overall, we'd say they knocked it out of the oval - they made for some great iRacing, and some of the best 500's in recent memory.

NASCAR's Next-Gen Lineup
NASCAR's Next-Gen Lineup: Chevy's Camaro ZL1, Toyota's Camry TRD, and Ford's Mustang

Some were lucky...

With a large, plate-racing track like Daytona, there are very few elements that can separate a car from the rest. One thing can certainly speed up (or slow down) your race quicker than anything else at Daytona - and that's lady luck. Just take Jay Heishman's race (Jay06 on Twitch), when he breezed through the big one on the last lap from 12th to take the win.

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/jay06/

...and some weren't.

Absolutely gutted on behalf of this iRacer:

There were lots and lots of "big ones".

What did you expect? It's Daytona!

The NASCAR iRacing Series (NiS) season is officially underway!

The points are on the board, the virtual haulers have left the speedway, we'll see you all at Auto Club!


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