E1 - Brake for the Bus Stop | 2 Minute Racecraft

Go on board with founder and Team Region Racecraft eSports driver Marko Lekic, breaking down an insane late-brake pass at Watkins Glen in iRacing's Fanatec GT3 Challenge.

Introducing 2 Minute Racecraft! This series breaks down some of the most intense real-world race scenarios we've come across in iRacing's A/B license series. Designed to help you learn racing strategy and racecraft in two minutes or less, or it's free.

Today we're at Watkins Glen International (Boot) for the Fanatec GT3 Challenge series (B-License) analyzing an insane late-braking pass up the inside through the inner (bus stop) chicane. Watch as we go on board with founder and Team Region Racecraft eSports driver Marko Lekic - breaking down the late-braking technique that gave him the passing angle, as well as how to race hard but clean through dicey corners.

Driver: Marko Lekic

Track: Watkins Glen International (Boot)

Car: 2020 Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo

Series: Fanatec GT3 Challenge

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